Links and Comments, Jan. 21, 2015

Dana Milbank on the SOTU and terrorism While America slept?

Climate Change skeptics now oversee nation’s climate science. There is no doubt climate changes, that is the history of the earth.  The current climate change scientists think of humans as being capable of changing it. They also enjoy some very big monetary benefits from trying to prove it.  The Washington Post believes in climate change as being effected by humans and are very alarmed by those who do not believe in their new religion.

Some VA whistleblowers are getting relief from retaliation.

Romney’s speaking fee is far less that Clinton’s – either one of them.

Obama proposes law that already existsI did not watch or listen but I believe this writer. […]Meanwhile, of course, President Obama himself pays women in the White House less than men. 

The kid who said this would be nowhere if his name were not Luke Russert:  “Joni Ernst was nothing but a pig farmer this time last year….”

Nemesis 1 – Hubris 0  by one of my favorites but needs to be read by all.

Note to all – Women are veterans, too.

This is hard to believe but Thomas Friedman, a New York Times exalted, liberal columnist is quoting and approving an article written by conservative Rick Lowry.  They are both calling out President Obama for not calling  Islamic terrorism  what it really is, Islamic Terrorism.  The amazing thing is that 2/3’s of  Friedman’s column is actually a quote of Lowry’s column.  Good for you Thomas Friedman. 

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