Links and Comments, Jan. 23, 2015

That part of yourself you used to own, Richard Fernandez on the new religion.  I have been saying the same for a number of years.  We have a new religion loose in the world, repent and save the earth is their motto.

Ruben Navarette on how Hispanic is Ted Cruz.  For many it doesn’t really matter.

Now it’s the EPA who can’t find their emails,   I sense a pattern here.

 via Instapundit:  YES, YOU CAN CATCH A COLD FROM BEING COLD  I guess our mothers were right.

We can only ask ourselves why John Stewart is more concerned about Boko Haram than most news people.

And why the Republican party thinks it can always get by with pro abortion acts.  This is a very frank article on what to do about it.

We live in perilous times. There are few times in my long life I have feared as much for the safety of my country as I do today.  We have a president who began with an apology tour and may end up with a war with the Middle East which was not exactly as he intended.  I wonder when he will realize, if ever, the great harm he has done to so many.  In saying that I am not speaking of the citizens of the USA, but of the  pitiful people being overtaken by the Islamic religous zealots, as well as the people of Europe who are being threatened by the Russians once again.  As usual, one of my favorites, Richard Belmont has written it much better and informed that I could ever do.  Clouds on the Horizon.

Great, the enemy of my enemy is my other enemy.  

via Instapundit:   “IT’S COVERUPS ALL THE WAY DOWN: Whistleblower: Pelosi Covered Up Role In Crisis. “We’ve long suspected the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission wasn’t honest in examining events before the meltdown. But an ex-commissioner says the probe was actually a full-blown political cover-up. In a just-released book, former FCIC member Peter Wallison says that a Democratic Congress worked with the commission’s Democratic chairman to whitewash the government’s central role in the mortgage debacle.”

The book is Peter Wallison’s Hidden in Plain Sight: What Really Caused the World’s Worst Financial Crisis and Why It Could Happen Again

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