Links and Comments, Jan. 24, 2015

I find I occasionally agree with Colbert King who is very liberal, in this case I agree with him.  There is nothing secular about Boko Haram.

This headline needs explaining and the writer does it very well.  End Obamacare and People Could Die, and That’s Okay.

Someone at the Washington Post thinks Boehner is making an important point by inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress.

The Saudi king did not like Obama,that is going to hurt. 

Jorge Ramos!  Hero to the Latinos, the Pedro Gonzales the writer of the peace takes great umbrage at Jorge, and so do I.   He says in the last part of the post,

Let’s be serious. This is a travesty on so many levels.

1) No one person can speak for the Latino community.  First of all, the word “Latino” is so broad as to mean nothing.  Do people from Peru, Argentina, El Salvador, Mexico, Cuba, and Spain really have the same ideology?

2) It insults Latinos in a big way to assume that all Latinos want illegal immigration to be rewarded.  There are many Latinos who live on the southwest borders whose lives have been turned upside-down by all the drug-dealing, killings, and kidnappings going on there.  They want border security, not amnesty.

3) It also insults Latinos to claim that this is their big issue simply because so many illegal aliens are themselves Latino (am I allowed to say that?).  A Latino small business owner may be more interested in lower taxes.  Latino parents may be more interested in school choice.  Pro-life Latinos may be more interested in stopping the subsidy of abortions.

In other words, Latinos may be interested in the same issues as non-Latinos.  Instead of trying to treat them as a group with a monolithic list of needs, why not deal with them as individuals, who have the same interests and needs as everyone else in the country?

Why not go to them and say something like this?  Latinos are like everyone else.  They want freedom, opportunity, and the ability to support themselves.  The Democrats wave amnesty around like a carrot for Latinos to follow, assuming you’re simple one-issue voters.  Instead we offer you the rule of law, protection for private property rights, and an environment where it is easier for businesses to grow and create jobs.  Which is more important to you?

But mush-mouth Republicans could never say that.  They simply look tongue-tied and uncomfortable before Jorge, because they don’t believe in any of these things.   Which do you think is sadder: Jorge’s mischaracterization of Latinos, or the Republicans’ inability to articulate for conservatives?

The only thing I have left to say to Jorge is, “Vete!  Vete ahora!”  Which I looked up and translated as Go Away, Go Away Now!  I definitely agree with this writer,

I wish everyone who reads this email would just eliminate me as the middle man and go straight to Belmont Club every day.  Richard Fernandez seldom fails to be the icing on the cake of ideas.

Housing bubble billionaire lectures us on materialism – EVIL

Is the Britain, or America, of 2015 Capable of producing another Churchill?  I suspect we have some right now, but I don’t think they will overcome our leftward tilt.  With the media we have it is like climbing Mount Everest.   An hour after I read this I ran into this, look at it, it certainly proves the point I am making.  I in no way think of Sarah Palin as a Churchill, but as a symbol of the fear the left has of a real leader rising up and the depths to which they will go to destroy them.

The World burns, America Fiddles – this is exactly what I’ve been thinking as all the news channels have been fixated on underinflated footballs.  More bread and circuses.

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