Links and Comments, Sunday, Jan. 25, 2015

Bobby Jindal gets what many people don’t – Islam and terrorism.  I am not advocating he run for president, I know enough people in Louisiana who feel about him as many here in Texas feel about Perry to think he could achieve a nomination and win.  But he certainly knows how to make some good points.

Have you heard of the Railgun?  If I had, I wasn’t paying attention.  Now I wonder how long, or if, it will be exclusive to us.  I know how our president likes to share the wealth and weapons.

Obama’s latest land grab, is he just trying to stifle the oil development?

The Greatest Generation is an inclusive term,  we’ve all known some of our elders who qualify.  And some of you who read this just may be included.

Pre-K through College, from welfare to medocrity  [….]George Santayana — wrote, “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” When it comes to the education of our youth, our nation has long been, and remains, on the path of intellectual mediocrity.

We’ve all heard of Chicago Politicians and they haven’t been Republicans, the same is true for New York State crooked politicians.  One of them is getting his comeuppance and he is very close to the Cuomos.

From The Hill:  Walkers Shows Fire in Iowa.   People ask me who I want for the next president.  I tell them it is too soon to know.  I wish I did, but I think we have some very good people, and some I just don’t want to be president.

McCain Greeted with some Boos in Arizona – but some gave him standing ovations.  I have never understood why anyone voted for him over other Republicans.

Davos’s Destructive elites.  […] The hypocrisy of our literally (literally, Mr. Vice President!) high-flying crusaders against fossil fuels — who overlap considerably with our high-living crusaders against economic inequality — is endlessly annoying if frequently entertaining.

Meddling in a child’s home packed lunch– embarrassing for the teacher, embarrassing for the superintendent even with his all good intentions note.

Dad, the Elderly White Woman and  Race Exploiters, by Lloyd Marcus.  He has some wonderful stories.

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  1. Obama’s latest land grab, is he just trying to stifle the oil development?
    Is that s trick question?

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