Links and Comments, Jan.26, 2015

Don Surber makes a lot of sense in this post. Why not tax non-profits?  I may not agree  with it all, but there is so much non-profit that is really tax evasion it makes one wonder.

In 2008 Sunni Sheiks warned Obama about his planned withdrawal in Iraq.  He didn’t take their advice.

Federal Judge accuses DOJ attorneys of defrauding the court in the case of ATF whistleblower Jay Dobyns.

The EPA uses Children and Adults as Guinea Pigs.

The Power of Two – in particular these two- The Castro Brothers.

Middle Class Savings is like Blood in the Water– they know where the money is and plan to get it.  This article in USA Today is by Instapundit who is law professor, Glenn Reynolds.

The Hollywood Jihad against American Sniper.  I haven’t seen the movie or read the book, not because I am against it but because I just don’t go to movies and don’t read war books.  Just my personal choices.

When Climate heretics speak   the true believers do not want to listen.  The first part of the sentence is from Powerline but the link is to the Independent UK, I am responsible for the latter part of the sentence.  I am afraid I am becoming more and more cynical.

CBS panelist may have finally figured it out.  Leading from behind is not leading. […]”It’s not Obama’s disconnect they are “blasting”, it’s actually their own.”

Is the noose closing around Gov. Cuomo?  Interesting times ahead.

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