Links and Comments, Jan. 28, 2015

Bad Educations seems to start on the West Coast, and then corrupt the nation.  This is just silly.  California Report Cards to  include grades for “grit”, ” gratitude” and “sensitivity  to others.”

God Bless Trey Gowdy – Gowdy comes out swinging.

Sarah Palin got a lot of criticism for her speech last weekend but she had at least one VERY GOOD idea. Break up the boomtown that is DC and scatter government agencies across the country.  You have to admit it, these are words of wisdom,   “If there is to be a department of energy, put it where the energy is created,” she said. “Pack up the U-Haul… what better place [for the] Department of Agriculture than in Ag country so they see how their policies affect the farmers and the ranchers who feed the country.”

CBO says 10 MILLION will lose employer health plans over Obamacare.

Obama Abandons Plan to Tax  Americans’ College Savings  was this just a feint?

Howard Dean apologizes to the Veterans over the American Sniper movie – but not to the right wing nutjobs and chickenhawks.  Boys and girls, that means you.

Progressives suddenly realize they have created Frankinstein.  How many monsters have they created?  More than one.

You might want to send this video on Peak Oil around, it is a great refutation.  And for Climate Change Predictions that DID NOT happen go here.

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