Links and Comments, Feb. 1, 2015

Biden says Dems have made tough, hard to explain decisions – twice a day a stopped clock is right. But if the Republicans play copycat to them they are just as bad as Democrats.

Apparently Time magazine is not as smart as they think they are, Climate change causes volcanoes I hate to be uncouth but if anything can be called ass backward, this is it.

Michelle Obama did grow up in America, this is the second thing she has done that shows it.

We need a president who believes in America.

The Surprising Power of the Blue State Republicans. I’m not saying we need a confederacy but I will say the South needs to rise again in the Republican party.

Trying to make a racist out of a non-racist.

I don’t know if you saw this or not, I’m away from home and haven’t had a TV on, but Putin is really feeling his oats and being very belligerent.

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