Links and Comments. Feb. 4, 2015

The Iraqis  understand the enemy more than some of the most outspoken liberals in America.

If you need any more proof that everything is seen through a racial lens just read this excerpt and discussion of Axelrod’s book and Romney’s concession speech.  Apparently they forgot about the voter fraud involved.

UN Agency shocked and upset ISIS would steal their donated food.  I bet you aren’t surprised.

Cruz says Republicans should use every procedural tool to block Lynch until the president  relents on his immigration policies.  Boehner still doesn’t realize it isn’t Cruz who is his real enemy on anything, in this case it was all Democrats blocking cloture on the immigration bill. I would say what will wake that man (Boehner) up, but at this point I think nothing will. Boehner Calls out Cruz, Sessions on immigration.

IRS offers extra tax returns to illegal immigrants granted amnesty by Obama.

Republicans scramble as Dems block bill on executive amnesty  bring on my blood pressure meds, this makes me so angry.

Nepotism in Holder’s DOJ?    surprised, no I am not.  And to  think Holder thinks he fixed a problem of partisanship from the Bush Administration.  The Obama administration has such a surreal idea of reality it is mind boggling.

However the defense secretary nominee says he will be independent of the White House.

Thomas Sowell on Obama Versus America.  Are the liberals going to accuse him of racism?

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