Links and comments, Fri. Feb. 6, 2015

 Charles Krauthammer on why the ISIS atrocity and the effect on Jordan.  It is not good.

When liberals ignore science – and blame it on Republicans (this last part is my comment.) 

What Obama never learned, and probably didn’t want to.

The United States Should Think and Act like a Superpower – finally a liberal who thinks like the rest of us.  The world is in dire straits because the US has not shown it’s power and as a result many headed hydras of evil have erupted around the world.

Purple Hearts for the Ft Hood wounded and dead.

Cartels and their armored car factory

We can only hope ISIS sets up a circular firing squad and leaves the rest of the world alone.

Good for Bobby Jindal.  The Medieval Christian threat is under control, Mr. President.  Thanks for saying it for all of us, Mr. Jindal.

Strategic Patience?  Strategic Patience??  Come on, let’s just run up the white flag, why wait.

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