Links and Comments, Feb. 8, 2015

The Dangerous Allure of Partnering with Iran

St. Louis University was once a great university,  at least it had that reputation.  What in the world are they thinking by erecting a monument to the anti-police protests.

Can How Abbott won Texas be turned into a presidential win for the Republicans?   This article is claiming the strategy won the state, I think Wendy Davis defeated herself, never had a chance, and even a flawed strategy would have won the state.

Rules and regulations regarding water, and in many other cases is eroding our freedoms.  

Great Britain has stepped up to the plate and has formed a task force to rescue pilots who go down in ISIS held territory.    And  Price Charles has written a news essay, I share his fears on this.

Richard Fenandez on High Horses in which he says: Yet if the president’s perspective is breathtaking in its temporal breadth, going all the way back to the European Middle Ages and the Confederacy, it is remarkably provincial in geographic scope. He seems to think of Christianity as a white man’s religion. But the facts are otherwise. Not only did Christianity originate in the Middle East, most of them live outside of Europe and North America.  [….]Christians are the most persecuted religious group on earth today and since the majority of the dead and dying are Egyptians, Ethiopians, Nigerians, Sudanese, Iraqis or Filipinos it is hard to see how Obama or Coates can speak for them.  Even if it the Christian custom to forgive, neither man, living safe in the First World, has the obvious right to dispense absolution on behalf of desperately poor men trying to survive and keep their faith. [..] There is something grotesque about the cultural leaders of the Western left, most of whom are atheist or lapsed,  finding the effrontery to don the mantle of religious authority to counsel people dying in distant lands to sit back and take it in atonement for their non-existent sins.  Maybe First World Politicians and journalists should stick to what they know.  I won’t tell them what they know if they won’t tell me what I believe.

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