Links and Comments, Feb. 9, 2014

Is Texas crazy? Or is it the Real America?  I’m pretty sure we Texans all think it is the real America.  It is why Texas is so great.  I’m not the only one who thinks so. In response to Alcee Hastings, who is crazy in my opinion, this was said: “Former governor Rick Perry, a likely 2016 presidential candidate, responded during a speech at the American Principles Project: “He is right! We are crazy!” he enthused. “We’re crazy about jobs, we’re crazy about opportunity, we’re crazy about liberty, we’re crazy about the Constitution!” Charles Murray, the libertarian American Enterprise Institute scholar who hails from Iowa, weighed in by saying, “I’ve always thought of Texas as the place that is still most like America,” pointing to the self-reliant, can-do spirit the state still represents. Florida governor Rick Scott also joined in, noting that he has often cited Texas as a tax-cutting role model; then he joked about out-dueling Perry as a jobs generator.”    It all works for me.

Thanks to Jim Little for this link: Obama’s Secret Iran Strategy Began in 2006 with Robert Gates.  and also this: The Rope With Which to Hang Us.

From the Washington Post a Republican take on Obama’s Week of Jaw Dropping Follies.

Justices Thomas and Scalia are right on this dissent on gay marriage in Alabama and elsewhere.  Read the defense  of Alabama on this.

I hope this scandal can stop the nomination of Loretta Lynch.   This was one of the comments on the article on Facebook, a little crude but true. “She could have a dead baby hanging from her teeth and the GOP senate would still approve her”

New GOP Food Stamp proposal would require photo ID   This makes perfect sense to me, same as a voter ID makes sense.  Every time I go to a new doctor I have to prove by a photo ID that I am who I say I am; a social security card, an insurance card AND a photo ID are required.

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