Links and Comments, Feb. 10th, 2015

Trayvon Martin’s father has taken on Black on Black crime.  What a great thing for him to do.

It’s Brian Williams All the Way Down

I keep us with the online network of bloggers and other scientists who are manmade climate deniers, or skeptics, but my husband keeps up with the real science involved.  Here is one of his latest links, Reconsidering Ocean Calamities.

The New York Times had an op-ed criticizing Ted Cruz and calling his as Hispanic as Tom Cruise.  In their view any Hispanic should be swarthy, sweaty and Liberal.

So Obama’s twisted thinking believes the Mullahs are too compassionate to have nuclear bomb ambitions.

A new study of how environmental reporters cover global warming and climate change reveals that they see the issue as one America has endorsed and, as a result, no longer include critics in their reports because they are “generally irrelevant.”

Atkinsson is right, Why are Brian William’s and Hillary held to different standards?

How Obamacare supporters are plotting to win over Justice Kennedy.

Richard Fernandez on Obama’s foreign policy – The End of a Dream. “In a sense Obama can’t move. He is crushed by the cumulative weight of his own previous miscalculations.”

LIKE MOST THINGS THAT HAVE HAPPENED UNDER OBAMA: New study finds that Dodd-Frank has promoted industry consolidation and killed community banks.  from Instapundit.

Have some eggs, they are okay again.  Good for you, really. 

Happy Birthday to sweet sister, Kathy Albin.  She is 81 today.  It doesn’t seem possible she could be so old and I so close behind her.

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