Links and Comments, Feb. 12, 2015

The news of real news reporter Bob Simon’s death at the same time Brian Williams is getting called out as a fake news reporter really accentuates the problem with the major news readers; they are readers and deciders of what makes the news. Bob Simon was in the field of battles many times and was actually taken captive along with his crew for forty days of beating and torture. He was a real reporter. Brian Williams was a Bob Simon wannabe so he made his news up, or at the very least exaggerated in the extreme.

Is having a college degree necessary to be President? or is the Washington Post just trying to take down Scott Walker because he is gaining in popularity? Read what Howard Dean had to say about it.

America lead by Obama is still “leading from behind.” France and Germany meet in Minsk to lead talks about the Ukraine. And of course, there is the Yemen fiasco.

The irresponsible reporting in the Chapel Hill killings.

The Kurds Need Weapons Now.

This may be true – You can tell a lot about someone about how they weed.

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