Links and Comments, Feb. 23, 2015

A Question of Personality

Mike Rowe on the Minimum Wage

 Turkey Invaded Syria a Little Bit Yesterday — probably a couple of days by now.

Obama’s  DHS spent $250M on office redo’s, furniture and renovation.  You have to work to spend that much money

Scott Walker is a threat to the existing social order

Just another member of the any means to an end party. Immigration attorney and Obama supporter is arrested for fraud– surprise, surprise

David Axelrod busted on his lie about his father’s communist ties.  Which is worse Muslim or Communist?  Whatever we have a mix of both.

Ann Althouse links so I don’t have to in this column –The Washington Post goes after the top Two Presidential Contenders in interestingly different ways.

The usual two faced Hillary actions – equal pay is for others.

Yes, The Senate Democrats Torture Report was Politicized – by Democrats and the Press.  

Fire or Ice?  It’s an Ice Age for Sure.

Is he a Muslim? Look at this picture then you will know. 

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