Links and Comments, Feb. 25, 2015

Apparently Snopes scoffed at and attempted a rebuttal on the Obama Muslim gang sign.  Read the rebuttal of Snopes rebuttal and see the video footage here.

Maybe that is just part of the reason most people think the President doesn’t love America.

Sweden’s Multicultural expert on Islamaphobia has joined ISIS in Syria.  So much for open mindedness.

In an earlier article today I read that only 23% of people are on twitter.  I have to admit I have a twitter account but I very rarely use it, maybe a total of 10 times in 2 or 3 years. Apparently Politifact uses it as a part of fact checking, or in this case actually, not fact checking.

27% of British Muslim have some sympathy for the motives of the Charlie Hebdo terrorists.

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