Links and Comments, Feb. 26, 2015

Are the Walls that protect Al Sharpton beginning to fall?  I would like to think so but it will take more than this.

And the same may be true for Rham Emmanuel  he is in a runoff for his political life.

Boehner, is he setting himself up for defeat, or just us.

Susan Rice laughs when Charlie Rose asks about the Ukraine?  What is going on here?

Obama speaks: there are going to be some jurisdictions, and there may be individual ICE officials or Border Patrol, who aren’t paying attention to our new directives. There are going to be consequences. and he is speaking of those who are actually wanting to enforce the law, not his directives.

A Dear Mitch letter.

I am not one who promotes Dr. Carson for president but I am one who thinks he should be used as a great idea man;  a great leader of conservative thought.  He was the kickoff speaker at CPAC.  Read about it here.

What happens to liberals when other liberals are through with them?  Richard Fernandez has the answer.

Bookworm asks:  What Can the Republican Congress do?  this is long but needs to be read.

After FCC vote can Texas cities now offer their own internet service?

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