Links and Comments, Feb. 28, 2015

Benghazi- is anyone surprised that Hillary’s people knew it was a terrorist attack?

The American Meteorological Society writes a letter of reprimand  to Rep. Grijvalva’s investigation trying to tie climate “deniers” to their grantors business.  It is scurrilous and good for the AMS for their letter.

IRS- Judge, Jury, Executioner AND grave robber

Bring back the Bush Doctrine with one addition  I am sure there are some differing opinions on this.

Former Obama Campaign Aide now works to oust Netanyahu  And BTW did you know the senate UNANIMOUSLY passed a resolution of welcome to him.  No Democrat tried to stop it. And a group of black pastors has asked the Congressional Black Caucus not to skip the speech.

 Why don’t liberals care about black on black killing?  We see this locally in the Hispanic gang killings in Corpus and our local small towns.  How many of those drive by shootings are solved?  Anyone know the answer?  Let me know if you do.

Ben Laden WAS in charge of Al Qaeda until he was killed.  Contrary to popular liberal and conservative thought, he was not a washed up invalid living in the sticks doing nothing.

I always wondered what the ice age looked like, check out this link.

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