Links and comments, March 1, 2015

Victor Davis Hanson takes on Obama’s lack of knowledge about the United States.  And Mark Levin takes him on about our immigration history. 

King Abdullah says ISIS has a tiger by the tail and the gloves are off.

A court has cleared the way for some deported illegals to return and apply for citizenship  proving to me that some judges don’t have a clear grasp of reality.

This is a liberal coming “out” as a Christian, a born again, saved by grace Christian.  Read it.

I watched on C-span2 After words last night as Tucker Carlson interviewed Alan Ryskind, author of Hollywood Traitors: blacklisted.  It is worth watching and you can click the link to watch it.  Even if you watch it read this on America’s enemies in Hollywood, then and now.

Now Trigonometry has been called racist!

Richard Fernandez found a copy of Mein Kampf  in his church giveaways.  He got it removed, read this and be on the watch out for unChristian items in church. He says: ” Evil intentionally leaves its artifacts in the most sacred places of its victims in order to gauge  whether there is any resistance left about.  If there is no reaction they’ll enlarge the abomination.  Today Jihadi John will be lionized as beautiful.  Tomorrow he will be a victim.  By next week the taxpayer will be paying him money.

This is understandable. It is less easy to explain the lack of reaction in Western society. Lately we don’t seem to notice anything; we have the responsiveness of a corpse and its interesting to consider how long till we become one. I wondered how long that Mein Kampf sat on that shelf,  if  one or several Western parishioners who recognized it stifled the impulse to object to its presence under one of the many inhibitions were are lumbered with. Please read his whole article.

Some Muslim leaders are definitely calling it Muslim extremism on the terrorists.

On College admissions Asians,( real Asians nor Muslims) are penalized 50 points for being so much smarter than other races.  Blacks are give 230 points.    Read the condensed version here.

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