Links and Comments – March 12, 2015

I’m afraid you will find those described in this post to be very, very familiar in today’s world. Agents of Stalin, Allies of Hitler.

Jay Leno hates ethanol  via Powerline blog.

When Firemen used old fire hoses to make a memorial flag, judges in Virginia did not let it be displayed in the courthouse.  I wonder if a little publicity is going to change their minds.

The EPA thinks you are stupid.

There are 31,380 Hillary emails we will never see – according to Chris Cilizza in the Washington Post.

How even cockroaches reach concensus – and survive  I don’t know about you but I have never been in the presence of a cockroach long enough to worry about his/her personality, but I have had a hand in their non-survival.

Obama’s odd series of exaggerated gun claims, ever with a title like this, and proof of lies Glenn can only bring himself to give three Pinocchio’s.

UCLA Worse or as bad as UofOk

I don’t think Ron Fournier likes Hillary Clinton  he has written some alarming things about our current administration, is a liberal mind coming to life?  And on Morning Joe, Mika Brezinski is questioning and saying the rest of the media should also.

Did you hear they held a “Persian New Year” celebration at the White House?

Two of America’s top investigative journalists, Richard Behar and Gary Weiss, have assailed a recent story by the Associated Press on Israel’s military action against Hamas in Gaza last summer.   Eventually truth does come out.

Links and Comments, March 11, 2015

This is an interesting take on the DOJ report on the town of Ferguson.
The Political Agenda against Menendez

It’s hard to believe but apparently McConnell has put Democrats in a box

Victor Davis Hanson on Hillary – Shameless– click the link to at least see the photo.

The Once and Future Insurrection             send this one around in your emails.

How many more are/were doing this? Holder has emailed under the nom de plume “Henry Yearwood” in the past, former Justice Department officials say. The Huffington Post reported Tuesday that Holder had used three aliases. The current is unknown.

The AP is getting serious about looking into Hillary’s emails

A sensitive leak investigation of a former vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has stalled amid concerns that a prosecution in federal court could force the government to confirm a joint U.S.-Israeli covert operation targeting Iran, according to current and former U.S. officials.

This is our president’s fault, as well as all those who are advocating amnesty.           Getting to the USA through Mexico is a dangerous undertaking.

Texas judge wants answers on why Obama administration allowed some immigration applications to be processed

You will enjoy these photos of GW Bush at Selma this weekend. You need to see it here cuz it won’t be in the MSM.

Links and Comments Over the Past Few Days, March 9, 2015

McCarthyism for Climate Skeptics is afoot.

Media Spends too much time piling on – an editorial from a man who has himself at times piled on, but not seems to “get it.” Too much.

A liberal hypocrite of the worst kind,  you will this story in conservative outlets only.

The Clinton Scandal is deja vu

Even in our small town of Rockport we have had arrests for sex trafficing, it is a horrific fact in America.

Today is White House Senior Advisor Dan Pfeiffer’s final day at the White House

Darren Wilson was exonerated, he was just doing his job, but emails and records show that Ferguson, MO did have a racist history.  I have received some of these type emails, I just delete them, but I do consider those who send them to have racist leanings. I never send them on, and try not to encourage them.  There are some facts that account for blacks and Hispanics of a type to be stopped and arrested more than others.  But not all blacks and Hispanics are those types.  Painting with a broad brush should not be done to races, ethnicities, OR police departments.

Always be suspicious of new White House appointees

CIA Director announces sweeping reorganization

The Wall Street Journal article on the Bin Laden documents

Ron Fournier says the Clinton email/money for the foundation is a Big Hairy Deal.

Audit shows 6. MILLION people are 112 or older.

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