Links and Comments, March 13, 2015

And the Winner is BILL CLINTON!!!  Taxpayer Tab for former President Clinton $16,000,000

Time magazine on Hillary Clinton.

An Ugly Civil War in American Medicine –  I know doctors need to keep up with the latest, but sometimes big organizations do just want to line their coffers and those of their administrators.

Jon Stewart really burns Hillary in this video.  You will enjoy it.

White House and U.N. are trying an end run around Congress for an Iran deal.

Some of Hillary’s neighbors aren’t exactly on her side.  See the photo here.

The FCC has unleashed its net neutrality rules.  I am not wading through all those pages of stuff I wouldn’t understand anyway, but here is your link if you want to read about it, or wade through it yourself.

Valerie Jarrett intends to stay till the lights go off.  And manages to diss Dick Cheney at the same time.

 Study Finds there are Too Many Studies – another great example of irony



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