Links and Comments, March 14, 2015

A voice from the time of the Civil War warned about today’s problems.  Prophetically, Brownson warned that the greatest future threats to the Republic were internal. He called upon his fellow Americans to oppose the relentless centralization of power in Washington; a transformation fueled by a new secular ideology—“humanitarian democracy”—that would war against all prescriptions and traditions, as well as state and local powers, in the name of equality, and seek to crush all genuine diversity, individual distinctions, and subordinate even personal conscience itself on the altar of a fully secularized, and thus absolute, state.

Early Onset Clinton Fatigue Has Arrived – not early in my books.

Judge Orders State Dept to Release Records of Clinton’s Trips – Hillary’s that is.

National Archives Lives in Fear of Displeasing the White House

The Party of the Furrowed Brow – That would be establishment Republicans, I guess we are an embarrassment to them.

Big Media is trying so hard to find a Republican scandal.  There are some out there but they want an email scandal and there is no equal, they are comparing apples and oranges.

Oops!  Obama Administration loses in court again, on the immigration stay order.

England Suffers Wettest Drought in History

You must read this one despite the nasty sounding title,  “David Brock Slinks Out of His Leather Onesie”

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