Links and Comments, March 18, 2015

Will Warmists Please Stop Whining

I was going to the original source on this but I decided the commentary on it is just as, or more, important for you to read.  Hands up, don’t shoot was built on a lie

Ted Cruz Didn’t Terrify that Little Girl

I am told Rush was talking about the New York Times editorial against Netanyahu, here it is. I have heard many clips of media personnel calling him a racist. They cannot believe the one they wanted for the Great One, Obama, could have lost. The Telegraph UK has a different take on it.   U.S. Liberals are really hurting, here is a headline from Jonathan Alter in the Daily Beast.

The man who shot the police in Ferguson is claiming the police beat him up, but a local TV station has video of a fight with a larger male right before the shooting.  Uh oh, shooter’s can be liars.

Why Moral Values Matter by Alan Caruba

The price the people of Ferguson paid for the lies of the mainstream media.

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