Links and Comments, March 19, 2015

To celebrate National Freedom of Information Day, the Obama administration decided to exempt the Office of Administration from Freedom of Information Act requests.

Some children from gay marriages are not at all satisfied with the arrangements, they missed out on having a father.  A pretty obvious thought from a lot of us and from them.

It is hard to believe but apparently the White House has lost Thomas Friedman on Iran.  Yet I would bet he would vote for Obama again in a heartbeat if he had the chance. via Hot Air.  Also at   Also at Hot Air read this.

Obama thinks maybe it is time we have mandatory voting.  I think it is time he took a look at the Constitution.

I do not want Jeb Bush to run for president.  I do not think we should have the same family in office more than once a century or maybe every 50 years. But Politico apparently fears it so much they have to look very deep to find offenses they can write about.  This time they are going after his father in law.

More from someone’s “special friends” in their ideas to attack the USA.

23 Dreamers from Obama’s Amnesty Snared in Criminal Dragnet

Islamic State is Claiming “credit” for the Tunisia attack.  None of us are surprised at this.

Obama has his feeling hurt, so watch out Israel.  What a juvenile administration and media we have.

When it comes to world finance this is definitely “change”  that is not good for the USA.

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