Links and Comments, March 20, 2015

Richard Fernandez has a way with words and I really like these In What Me Worry? : As predicted in yesterday’s post Obama’s foreign policy has nowhere to go, but he’s prepared to go there with considerable velocity.

I hope Gen Petraeus is actually being consulted, and more importantly, listened to of the Iran issues.  Richard Fernandez has also weighed in on this with De Horror, De Horror.

McConnell is asking the states to help save their coal plants against the edicts of the EPA.  This shows One way to save a coal plant and at the same time help the manatees.  

Sanctions against the administration possible from the judge in the immigration case. Be sure to read, or at least look at, the headlines of the listed related articles associated with this one.

Scientists/biologists have asked for a moratorium on a new technique that could alter human DNA.

Received from Jim Little, just in case you are not as involved as you should be: How to contact the SenateTo contact the house.

Are SUPERFOODS really good for you?

Quoted from Graffiti:  Do we need the exclamation point? – Nothing surprises us anymore.

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