Links and Comments, Sunday March 22, 2015

Hands up don’t shoot didn’t happen in Ferguson – at last the Washington Post admits it but doesn’t address their own culpability in the events that happened with the riots from those who thought it happened.

See what Obama considers more important than Iran getting a nuclear weapon.

In Case you didn’t see this in the past, here is a reminder of the mind of Obama and his minions who are realizing their dream of taking America down.

If all the Washington Post can find to report on Jeb Bush is old history of his wife and her father, he may be a better candidate than I had thought.  They seem to fear him.

Ted Cruz will be the first to actually announce he is running for president  but Jerry Brown says he is unfit to run because of his stance on climate change.  He also said he would run if he were younger.

Khamenei calls Death to America as Kerry hails progress on nuke deal  we live in a surreal world.

Have you heard of Irish Travelers? I have but not very often.

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