Links and Comments, Wed. March 25, 2015

There are quite a few stories of Israel spying on the Iran talks (they deny it) but they all seem to stem from this article in the Wall Street Journal, Israel spied on Iran talks with US.  Legal Insurrection has the backstory with comments.

I have to admit I get annoyed, and let’s just face it, angry when I see ads for drugs on TV or in magazines.  There was a time when that was not allowed and the price of those drugs have gone up a huge amount since advertising was allowed.

Gee, can you believe their might have been favoritism for Terry McAuliffe and Hillary’s brother?

There probably hasn’t been a whole lot of news coverage of the Hispanics who want tougher immigration laws, but there is this.

If you drink Starbucks coffee you may want to stop buying it.  The CEO has told shareholders if they hold the Christian view of marriage to sell their shares.

According to an expert the FBI tweaked figures to make it seem there is an increase in mass shootings. The media has a hand in that, too, with their minute to minute coverage of anything they think helps the liberal cause.

Watch as a reporter holds the State Dept spokesperson’s feet to the fire on the question of why so friendly to Iran and not to Israel.

We live in such a strange world. Our government compiles exhaustive statistics on race and crime, but to cite them can be racist   Victor Davis Hanson says in Rules for Racialist, Part 1.

I am sorry I have been a little lax with my tea party work and emails lately, some of you may like it that way.  I have had some health issues, not extremely serious but fatiguing, AND have been house hunting for a house in town.  Well, I’m through with the testing and have a contract on a house.  So maybe I can pay more attention, or maybe I’ll be busy getting ready to move.  Wish me luck and expect more emails. I don’t know when we will be able to have another tea party meeting but hoping for soon.

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