Links and Comments, Thurs. March 26, 2015

Saudi Arabia leads Air Assault in Yemen   launching airstrikes in coordination with a coalition of 10 nations. I read through this looking for the names of the 10 nations but did not find them.  Why it matters, The Saudi intervention.

Tom Cotton will be a handy scapegoat for Obama when the Iran deal fails.

 It is so hard for the Washington Post to admit Bill O’Reilly was right about Bergdahl they had to put it like this:   In late January, “The O’Reilly Factor,” generally a factory of news analysis and bloviation, broke news. Bergdahl was going to face desertion charges, reported the program, based on an interview by host Bill O’Reilly with retired Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer of the London Center for Policy Research. “The key violation is desertion,” said Shaffer, who alleged that Bergdahl’s attorney had received a “charge sheet.”

The House may be about to pass the “doc fix” bill.  We’ll see if that happens.

What is good for the goose is good for the gander-  The arguments of the Confederate Flag license plate in Texas.  A quote from the story: The only clear, consistent rule would be: States must either throw open their specialty-tag programs to all comers, from Daughters of the American Revolution to Citizens for Jihad, or eliminate them.

China didn’t get Obama’s climate change message.

More Federal Workers Owe Taxes to the IRS than ever before.

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