Links and Comments, March 27, 2015

What does it take to get fired at the White House.  Watch your back if you get Michelle against you.

Texas has a problem – Texas Education Centers are milking the taxpayers.

Bergdahl’s defense – He just wanted to be gone a few days and then be a whistle blower.

What are the odds?  Who will be the Republican candidate? Handicapping the 2016 field by Krauthammer and   Republican Bracketology by Charles Cook

Stock Market Rigging is no Longer a Conspiracy Theory

The 1939 Flag of Palestine- surprise it is Jewish.   If the mainstream media would run this perhaps Obama would learn from it.  Thanks to Jim Little for the link.

Rand Paul came out swinging (with words, of course) against the other Republican contenders for President.

A New Generation of Saudi Leaders and Foreign Policy   For news on all of this read this.

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