Links and Comments, Sat. March 28, 2015

US Allies fear Obama Administration was leaking information to Iran  They must think as highly of him as I do.  Wesley Pruden calls it Obama’s Love Bomb Offensive.

Hillary’s secret spy network, this is involved and serious.  Especially when you find out she wiped her server clean of all data when she was asked to turn over her emails in Oct. 2014

This is Freedom?

SO, BASICALLY THE COCKPIT DOOR IS LOCKED AND WE’RE HEADING TOWARD THE MOUNTAIN: U.S. Caves to Key Iranian Demands as Nuke Deal Comes Together: Limited options for Congress as Obama seeks to bypass lawmakers.  from Instapundit

Peer reviewed scientific articles are not necessarily peer reviewed.  Scientists are human and they do know how to game the system, especially when it is their system.

Arab Spring Aftermath-Revolutions give way to violence (isn’t that the way they start? ed.)  I read most of this but failed to see where they might have explained it by saying Obama made the US a non threat so the world is falling apart with no leadership.  I think I put it plainly in my blog post of Feb. 25, 2014 If We are Weak Who is Going to Protect the World?

Roger L. Simon (the conservative one) calls Obama the Crazy Pilot. This is the last paragraph of his post: It’s hard to know why Obama is doing it all.  I know it sounds like a rude overstatement but in a way he reminds me of that crazy German pilot flying that plane into that alpine cliff, only the plane is us (America and the West).  Does he hate us all that much – or is it just Netanyahu?  Whatever the explanation, it’s mighty peculiar.  At this point almost no one  in the Congress appears to be backing him up – and yet he continues.  Who knows what will happen next?   Be sure to read this one.

John Kerry is actually looking into it.  John Kerry orders Email Preservation Review at State Department.

No surprise here:  Republicans twice as like to be Fact Checked at Washington Post as Democrats.   But this is a surprise.  Glenn Kessler says he will try to fix that.

Richard Fernandez on the private intelligence network of Hillary as Secretary of State.

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