Links and Comments, Sunday March 29, 2015

Corrected links to Hillary’s Scandalous Secret Spy network:

 347,000 workers fled the work force altogether last month, and so were no longer counted as unemployed.

Saudis say they have destroyed Yemini’s warplane fleet

The former head of the Defense Intelligence Agency on Sunday described President Obama’s Middle East policy as one of “willful ignorance,”

No, it is not really time to trust Iran

Cruz Claims the GOP Leadership blocked his fundraising after Shutdown

Supreme Court may hear case of whether a school can ban wearing American Flags on shirts during  Cinco de Mayo.  I had not heard this was even an issue.

Ted Cruz told CNN he was not a community organizer.  He makes a valid point, he was a very accomplished individual.

I’m always up for a little Ted  Kennedy trashing.  from the Boston Globe. I cannot imagine why anyone would think anything good of him.  We have a couple of generations who have been brainwashed.  Am I writing clearly enough of how I think of him?

Hey Media, Religious Freedom is a Real Thing

A History of Whataburger –  I remember I had my first Whataburger in 1953.  It was very good.

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