Links and Comments, Wed., April 1, 2015

The Anchoress, Elizabeth Scalia, nails it on Christian consistency I do believe she has a point, and I have not heard of many bakers or florists refusing to do a cake or flowers for all the different situations she describes.  And this article says the left wages total war and then plays victim.

As U.S. and Iran Seek Nuclear Deal, Saudi Arabia Makes Its Own Moves  And we find out through Breitbart that one of Obama’s advisors on this issue is a former PR person for the Iranian regime.

Obama has ended the policy of no military aid to Egypt, but he isn’t completely over his snit at the ouster of the Muslim Brotherhood as he is also using very strict control over it.

Two whistleblowers have accused the Federal Bureau of Prisons of trying to banish them to inappropriate work spaces — including a converted jail cell with no desk, computer or phone — after they lodged complaints against the agency.

What Should Israel Do Now that Its Neighbors Are Collapsing?  something to ponder here.

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence and the new culture war.  CNN is telling the truth about this, it is a culture war, and in addition to that I believe it to be a concerted effort to divert attention away from the talks with Iran and the US capitulation.  And speaking of that the New York Times is writing about Obama’s Global Warming deal.

And the perfect explanation – The Federalist has this  Gay Marriage isn’t about justice, it’s about Selma envy.  You MUST READ this, it explains a lot.  Here is an excerpt: Then, one day, manna descended from heaven in the form of gay marriage. Here it was! The cause we’d longed for all these years had finally arrived! Here was an injustice no one had ever opposed before. Here was a group of marginalized people no one had ever defended. So by embracing this cause, we would instantly be more compassionate, more accepting, more saintly than every human being who had ever lived.

Obama friends getting more money for “green” development.

Wow, you need to read this too.  Ruben Navarrette, Jr.  cannot say anything bad about Gov. Pence or Ted Cruz.  He tries but just can’t do it. Wonders never cease.  

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