Links and Comments, Thurs., April 2, 2015

All Texans need to read this and the back story on the Graham Family struggle to protect their land from being used as a dump for sewage effluent. You will need to click on a question to read it, but it is easy to do.  Here is the back story on it.

Protect Religious liberty against intolerance of the left.

Unintended Consequences?  Pat Brown, Jerry Brown.

Home schooled blacks performed better in tests than public schooled whites.  I suspect that these students would have done very well in public schools also, because parental involvement is the answer and these parents were very motivated.  This is a lesson in how to skew a story with headlines.

Neither Heads nor Tails, that is what I can make of this story on the Iranian talks.  John Podhoretz has this advice for John Kerry, Time to Go, John.   

Two women, an ISIS plot, NYC .  I’ve been wondering why no one cries entrapment about these things.  Maybe they have.  I am not excusing the women, they are evil.

If you have been watching TV news or listening to Rush, you know about Memories Pizza. A made up story has done in a small business.  If you are so angry you want to help you can go here.

Bergdahl wasn’t really in the first  talks  no surprise.

The U.N.’s War on Israel;  Allen West asks When Will American Jews Wake Up?

About the Menendez Indictment

There were a couple of articles I was going to link in National Review, so instead I will just link the magazine and you can read it all if you want.

Cruz has hauled in some big money-  much to the surprise of some

I’ll end today’s post with this from Don Surber:  Bachman Nails Iran and I will add, she also nails Obama.

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