Fisking some slanted reporting.

I seldom bother to write about how reporting is so opinionated but after seeing these two extreme examples I am compelled to comment on them.

The first one is from the Houston Chronicle and is called every time a political figure failed anatomy class.  Click through the photos and captions, what do you notice?  If it can be called a Republican it is usually is.  If it can be called a Democrat, it is not identified.  I’m pretty sure if they wanted something to show for the dems they could have found them, but that is not the object of that post.

The second one is a little more subtle and if you are a liberal you probably won’t even notice, except for the extremely liberal title: The rich get government handouts just like the poor. Here are 10 of them.  I have to give the authors credit in the first paragraph they state the truth and have an emphasis on own as if it is so silly as to be almost unbelievable: “Note: In the eyes of the Congressional Budget Office — the official word on this in Washington — the mortgage interest deduction is equivalent to the government offering you money, not you keeping your own money. “  This is in regards to the mortgage interest deduction on larger and second homes.

Next is the Yacht tax deduction.  Now granted there is some validity of this, but the question is when do you call a boat a yacht.  They are calling anything with a galley and a head a yacht. We who live around the water have a little different view of that. Sometimes a boat is just a boat, no matter the amenities.

Next comes Rental Property.  Yes, this can be abused, but is someone going to come inspect every instance to see who is abusing it?  Probably not unless it is a Democrat inspecting a conservative or Republican’s property.

The one that really infuriates me are their comments on the death tax. “Without the estate tax, super-wealthy families would be able to hoard that wealth in perpetuity, becoming ever more powerful in the process. The tax, as it currently exists, only kicks in on estates worth $5.4 million dollars or more, affecting about the top 0.2 percent of households.  I hate to be the one to point it out to them but have they noticed the small business owners, farms, ranches and others this hurts.  And have they noticed that the really, really rich, such as the Kennedys, the Rockefellers,  John and Teresa Heniz, the Clintons, and even now the Obamas, have all that taken care of in trusts, foundations and other legal maneuvers that protect their inheritors?

If you read the articles you will see more of what I am pointing out.  I see it so many times, but this time it hit me harder and I could not let it go by without pointing it out.

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