Links an Comments, April 10, 2014

The CIA is Getting a Makeover

A Brave, Patriotic Sheriff in California defies Gov. Brown

This study on dementia says those who are obese, or overweight, at middle age are less likely to develop dementia.  It is refuting this study from 2011 that says obese at middle age is a risk to dementia.

The Dept of Agriculture is letting environmentalism get in the way of our diets.  And as a result they are recommending less red meat. 

Fisking Some Slanted Reporting  I seldom link my own posts but my comments on this got so long I posted them as a blog post. 

I am very troubled by this type of actions, particularly from the USAF,   Air Force removes “Missing Man” table because it includes a Bible.

Don’t tell Krauthammer but apparently there are a lot of people who really like Cruz.

Court order DHS to explain legality of plan to shut down cell service in certain emergencies.  I would like to see that explanation for myself.

The Texas Senate passed a bill to move the Public Integrity cases out of Travis Country and places  the state’s Public Integrity Unit investigation with the Texas Rangers.

If the IRS and Lois Lerner had released documents when asked we would not still be talking about the IRS scandalous behavior toward conservatives.  Lois Lerner wrote of  emails being seen by congress and maybe others.  Because she knew she indulging in wrong behavior.

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