Links and Comments. June 12, 2015

Homeland Security finds a use for that very expensive empty building it was going to use for the “undocumented” – guess what? it’s going to be used for the undocumented.

I think David Ignatius has had it with Obama.” The Obama administration and the Islamic State both issued new manifestos for the battle in Iraq this week. Guess which one is more forceful?

 Maryland has finally decided that letting children walk home alone is not child abuse. 

  The shameful retaliation of whistle blowers in the military.

Obama’s Growth Agenda- $110 Billion in New Regulations this year.

HUD has spent $1.6 TRILLION since its creation

Benet Emery, a black radio host in McKinney is getting death threats for telling the truth.

We have our Cyber Pearl Harbor – unfortunately many people do not realize what a massive invasion this is.

I received an email asking about the meat labeling bill.  I have heard Blake Farenthold voted to repeal the labeling but have not yet found a link for that.  I am strongly opposed to repealing that law.  I want to know my meat, chicken and fish come from American hands.

This dramatic global warming prediction very fortunately was very wrong.

Dogs really are man’s best friend.

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