Links and Comments, June 22, 2015

Mexico is doing more than we are to fix the immigrant problems we both face.

We knew about Gruber’s role but these emails leave no doubt he helped develop Obamacare.  Read what the Morning Joe folks had to say about it.

True Religion stood up and was counted with the “Charleston Witness Statement.”  how many noticed the lack of riots in the South?  There are many ways the South really is better.  Am I biased?  Yes.  And maybe I spoke too soon.

You’ve probably already read what Karl Rove had to say about the 2nd amendmentThis is what he actually said.  I really do not know why Fox has Rove on so often.

There is probably much about Gov. Perry we do not know, I surely did not know he and his wife supported Marcus Lutrell  as if he were their own son, well before Lutrell became famous.

We watched Carly Fiorina on C-span when she gave a speech to the Faith and Freedom coalition, we were impressed.  While you are are there you might want to watch the other speeches, too.

Are Conservative Think Tanks dead because of the lack of facts and reason?  Earick Ward discusses the problems.

It’s about time!  Detroit Cops seek to find urban terrorists.  Terrible shootings and killings, rape and pillaging so to speak, happen every day in the ghettos of major cities and there is no hew and cry in the major media.  Why?  Those lives matter.

Oops, even the Cato Institute sees some flaws in this climate change reasoning, or lack thereof.

From the Just One Minute blog: Maybe the House committee on government oversight should reach out to the Chinese and see if they can give us the Lois Lerner emails.

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