Links and Comments, July 26, 2015

I had no idea it had been almost a complete month since I posted.  We have been very, very busy.  We are moving from our home we built 17 years ago.  We thought at the time we would be there forever.  But time takes a toll on our bodies and we are just not able to keep up with the work seven acres of woods and wilderness can bring.  So we have moved into town, mostly.  There are still books to be gone through and either kept or discarded, some the pictures andpaintings are still on the walls, but in the main everything we need is now at our home in town. In boxes; many items put away but so much left to do. The garage sale pile keeps growing.  It is taking up a good 1/3 of the garage in town and 1/4 of a bedroom in the old home.  We are waiting for cool weather for that garage sale!

A lot has happened in politics and world issues since then.  Iran, Trump, more Hillary scandals, (is there no end?), Cruz, Carly, Scott, and all the rest who shall be nameless here but you know who they are, are all making headlines.  Planned Parenthood has shown its ugly inner self again.  They are making Gosnell look dumb for storing dead babies when he could have been selling them.  Little did that old ghould know.

So anyway here is the latest:

In case you didn’t get this in your news: Kenyan President Rebukes Obama’s Gay rights message.
Oh, the horror that someone would actually rat out these gruesome secrets from Planned Parenthood.
Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards insisted Sunday that her organization has broken no laws and does not — “at all” — profit from the transfer of fetal tissue, a response to a scandal that enveloped the group after undercover videos showed officials discussing the surgical process and its costs in a nonchalant manner.

A former senior New York Times reporter is disturbed by the way it even dared to imply Hillary was involved in a scandal.

On Carly, Walker and Cruz.

Who could not see this coming?  Obama restricts investigative powers of Inspectors General.  I would say “can he do that?”, but at this point he seems to be able to do anything his heart desires.

Two low-profile Texas brothers have donated $15 million to support Sen. Ted Cruz, a record-setting contribution that amounts to the largest known donation so far in the 2016 presidential campaign.

Inside Higher Ed–the gist of it is like all bureaucracies it is very bloated.

Eugene Volokh says the remaining count against Rick Perry unconstitutionally intrudes on the Governor’s veto power.

He isn’t half as disturbed about this as I am.


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