About the So Called Debate

I think Fox erred. They got a great audience but in showcasing their “star” panel instead of the candidates they erred. They were obviously told to take out Trump and gave it a good shot, but we were cheated of a good panel of questions to let us know more about all the candidates. That is what was wrong with this “show.” It was a showcase for Fox stars not a place to find your candidate, after all

Now in the afterglow of their big show we have seen very little talk of the  real candidates, instead we have had the Trump vs Kelly show.  When a news anchor gets into the story we are not getting news we are getting publicity. A lot of publicity.

We all knew what Trump was but what did we actually know of Megan Kelly.  Well, apparently not much. So the trolls in the blog world have looked for previous tales of Kelly and they have found them. She has brains, but she has also gotten very far on her looks. I cannot fault her for using all her blessings for getting ahead, but playing the agrieved maiden isn’t really the truth of her life.

I like that Trump brought some very important ideas to the fore, but he is after all an entrepreneur and entertainer.  I am not entertained by the both of them.

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2 Responses to About the So Called Debate

  1. I’ve become unenamored of Kelly.
    Just another talking head.
    Trump is just another talking scalp.

  2. Teresa says:

    Well said. I want to hear the candidates and what they will do, not whatever the talking head wants.

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