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It has been a busy month at our house.  We are still on the move but it is 2/3 done.  We had to give it a 2 week rest while we took care of a health problem for my husband.

We knew he had some occlusion of the left carotid artery, but after 2 years when it was tested again it had risen to an 80% occlusion so he had to have surgery for it. The surgery is referred to as a carotid endarterectomy.  It is straight foraward and a simple surgery, for a skilled vascular surgeon, and the recovery is not a strain.  The first 24 hours were spent in the cardiac ICU, and then they send you home.  He has done very well, been very good and not overdone it until the first week was up, so I am not complaing.  I do thank God for modern medicine.

So now on to the links and comments.  Comments first:

There has been much happen since I last posted.  More videos from the anti abortion group; more ignoring them from the mainstream; more violence and killing of our police and peace officers; more from Black Lives Matter, which we all know mean only if they are not in the womb; more terrible news from the middle east and Europe; more violence from the Muslim terrorists; no acknowledgement of the violence by the so called peace loving Muslims; more scandalous secrets leaked out about Hillary and Bill, their emails and their foundation; more of Trump who is climbing in the polls and having the GOP and The Democratic Party wondering why anyone is listening to him as they go on their merry way NOT listening to the populace.  More, more and more, I wish I could list more of the good stuff, it is out there.  But it does NOT make the news.

Now for the Links, and a few more comments.

A discussion of why Trump Trumps.  Also there is pendulum factor. I’ll buy that idea.

Who is getting all the green energy credits?  Why those who can afford it, of course.

Commentary magazine and the exoneration of Bush as the culprit in Katrina.

Ammo Grrl tells us how the liberal government acts as a pimp.  You can catch Ammo Grrl every Friday in Powerline blog.

Moore Clinton related deaths?  I thought this was in the past, this did happen 5 years ago and we are just now hearing about it.  Am I advocating conspiracy theories?  No, just passing on a strange news item.

Black Lives Matter group gets even more sickening.

Three top fundraisers leave the Jeb Bush campaign.

Carly Fiorina schools Katie Couric on climate change.   I wish she was a little more doubtful  on the science of it.  It is a great deal of speculation and a grant driven popular science.

The Manual on How NOT to fight a war could be written by watching the current administration.

Unintended consequences of the Obama administration, unintended and unrecognized for what they are:  No Ordinary Time, a wonderful essay by Richard Fernandez.  Obama demonstrated the American Left can veto any attempt to resist imposing its vision upon the nation.  It has the will to throw away any victory,  however complete, to have the last say. This is an essay that should be read and passed around.

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