My Take on the Debates

My thoughts on the “debate.”  Some years back a  movie came out called “Get Shorty;” this so called debate was actually a very long show on “Get Trump.”  I would have appreciated a real question answer session with all the candidates being called on equally.  As a Cruz supporter I am particularly appalled at the lack of attention to him as well as the lack of attention to Walker, whom I don’t support.  It was just silly for Jake Tapper to make it all about him and Trump getting.  He was even worse than Megan Kelly, at least she did share the stage a little better with her co-workers.

As to a winner, was there one?  I didn’t think so.  I have been very pro Fiorina but there were several things last night I did not like, they were balanced by a few good sound bites. And the good ones were very good and reasoned.  I would not want her as the candidate for the Republican party.

So my final candidates are Cruz, Rubio, Trump (yes, Trump), and to tell the truth, I would be hard pressed to name all the others if you asked. Bush is completely out of the running and always has been in my books.

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3 Responses to My Take on the Debates

  1. My take on Trump.
    I like Carly.
    Tapper had some credibility until last night.
    I heard Hugh Hewitt was going to moderate there, but I must have been wrong.

    • Rockport Conservative says:

      What I left out of my blog was the reason I left Trump in. If he should by some chance get the nomination I would vote for him rather than sit home and let a Democrat win. I thought that was in the post but I guess I didn’t edit, in fact I know I didn’t as I was in a hurry to do it.
      I thought Tapper was shameful in hogging the mike from Hugh Hewitt and Dana Bash. Not sure she is all that smart but really…

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