Links and Comments for Monday Sept. 21, 2015

My apologies for such infrequent posting.  We have been in the process of moving since last April.  We have not completed the move yet, but we are getting there. There have also been interruption for health problems for my husband and for me.  We have taken care of those also. Thank God for modern medicine.

Someone was not thinking clearly when this happened, I don’t think it can be blamed personally on the president, the Secret Service can be very heavy handed. Kids with Cancer and Parents Ejected from their long planned event in a park near the White House.

We of an advanced age have no problem knowing what she is talking about, some of you younger ones may not.  Read on…Santayana was Correct. “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”

The Candidate of our Discontent?  we’ll see.

So is Obama a Muslim or What?   I personally think he is sympathetic to the Muslim religion but his religion is Barak Obama and what is best for him.  This article will definitely not clear up the confusion.

This is disgraceful and tragic, and so unlike the America I knew for most of my life.  U.S. Soldiers told to ignore abuse of  boys by Afghan Allies.  I am surprised the NYTimes would actually run the story.

Jerry Sonnenfeld, who is definitely qualified to judge, still thinks Carly Fiorina was a terrible CEO.

Richard Fernandez on the proliferation of border fences around the world. Another Strand in the Wire.

What is the surrender caucus plan for dealing with Democrats?

Seniors suffer under Obama, where’s the outcry?

Purging American History,  Becoming America the-not-so  Beautiful.

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