Links and Comments, Sept. 23, 2015

Hillary’s world seems to be imploding— welcome to Realville, Hillary, you and Obama exploded ours years ago.

With Little Fanfare, FBI Ramps Up Biometrics Programs (Yet Again)  The change, which the FBI revealed quietly in a February 2015 Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA), means that if you ever have your fingerprints taken for licensing or for a background check, they will most likely end up living indefinitely in the FBI’s NGI database.

Emails show the Obama administration was in charge of the false report that the video caused the attack on Benghazi.  Did you ever doubt that?  There is also this new report tying the Benghazi and  email scandals: Hillary Clinton’s top State Department aides turned to Clinton Foundation employees for political help in the immediate aftermath of the Benghazi terrorist attack, and Clinton withheld those emails from the House Benghazi Committee investigating her conduct.

An EPA official flew from San Francisco to Southern California every weekend for 3 years–  on the taxpayers dime.

The Republican Party’s Surrender Politics, an op ed in Politico by Sen. Ted Cruz.

This is a long read, but true and worth the trouble. Cultural Enrichment Shock and Awe.  We can only stand by helplessly; send links by emails; post on Facebook and vote when we can, and hope against history that any conservatives elected will follow through on their mission to turn the tide, if possible.

The Trump Effect on ICE agents ability to deport illegals from LA jails.

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