Links and Comments, Sept 25, 2015

An Immigration group planned the little girl’s encounter with the Pope for over a year.  It worked.

Hillary Approved “Special Status” for Huma Abedin, allowing her to also work outside the job.

What Obama and the Pope have wrought for Cuba. “U.S. exports to Cuba, controlled by Havana, have declined this year, while arrests of opponents have increased, along with refu­gees. Many Cubans are trying to reach the United States ahead of what they fear will be a move by the Obama administration to placate the regime with a tightening of asylum rules.”  

Importing our own destruction

And while we were all watching the Pope coverage someone was released from Guantanamo prison.

More on the Boehner resignation.  It will be interesting to see what plays out in regards to this.

Bill Nye, the Science Guy, say anti abortion supporters are ignorant.  For a science guy he seems to not to know much about  human fetal development.  I don’t believe Rachel Feldman the author of the piece does either.

How the American government is trying to control what you think, Finally the Washington Post notices? Finally they say Is this the new propaganda?  Really, WaPo, Really?

When Fiorina lost her Senate bid in 2010, she had lots of bills left to pay. So she did what any multimillionaire who loaned her campaign cash would do: She paid herself first.  I am not anti Fiorina but before jumping on a bandwagon be sure to first check what will come out about that person.  Then there are her supporters who know the inside HP story.

The forgotten Joe Biden Plagarism scandal(s).

Richard Fernandez opines on the Putin/Obama meeting.  He says: Willing or not, Obama’s been dragged to New York to meet a man he would rather not. The Russians and Syrians for their part, are pushing the story that Obama has already pre-surrendered to Putin and is merely looking for a way to put the best face on it. AFP reports: “Russia and the United States have reached a “tacit agreement” on ending Syria’s bloody crisis, a senior adviser to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has said.”  Later in the article he says this: Charles Krauthamer notes that Putin always seems to be one step ahead of the Obama. Yet despite the apparant truth of that assertion, it is hard to actually test the proposition.  Obama’s position on Syria has been so vague that he can plausibly convince his followers that, whatever the result, it was what he intended to begin with.  It’s pitiful to watch.

The  Clinton emails and the Clinton Foundation, one and the same?

Obama’s Co-ordinated Climate Campaign.

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2 Responses to Links and Comments, Sept 25, 2015

  1. Bill Nye is ignorant.
    That doesn’t mean stupid.
    Just ill-informed.

  2. Rockport Conservative says:

    He is afraid to open his eyes to the truth. I suspect he knows, just has a heart won over to the religion of atheism.

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