Links and Comments, Sunday, Oct. 4, 2015

I do not remember hearing about this massacre stopped by an armed citizen, did you see it or hear about it at the time?  It was in 2012.

Is Syria Obama’s Watergate?  or was he blindsided by someone much smarter than him, or both?

You may get tired of my links to Richard Fernandez but he has a great mind.  Here he gives a future history of Obama and What would JFK do?  Needless to say Obama doesn’t really get the message.

Most of us will never have to answer the call to say we are a Christian and be shot.  These kids did.

An Instance of Warmist Corruption, and I might note, just one instance.  Many of the most famous global warming/climate change scientists have managed to somehow become rich while doing what is supposed to be research.  I call it propaganda.

I mentioned to my husband I had seen something about this yesterday, today I remembered to link it. The Argentine President  Kirchner dropped what seems like a bombshell at the UN claiming that Gary Samore — the former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction under Obama — tried to convince the Argentinians to provide the Iranians with nuclear fuel in 2010. The story in Mediate goes on to say: It would appear as if the Argentinian President was outing a high-ranking member of the Obama administration while standing live on the floor of the UN. We reached out to the White House and thus far, they have not returned our call for comment.

There is a bear in the sand.  And we know who he is, he is the Russian Bear.

What a treat, you can now view the Book of Kells online.  Thanks to Dawn K. for the Facebook link.

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