Links and Comments, Mon., Oct. 5, 2015

If you want to prove voter fraud read this.

A Former Democratic U.N. Ambassador says Global Landscape is Worst He Has Ever Seen.  I believe he was a Hillary supporter last time, probably is this time.

Why do people find it confounding that a congregation would forgive a killer?  Christians are supposed to be forgiving, not that we/they don’t want justice; this killer is beyond our justice.

The Homeland Security Department’s internal watchdog is reopening the investigation into efforts by the Secret Service to discredit a congressman who was investigating the agency.

the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, was reached Monday after years of talks.

No American populist has reached the Oval Office since the 19th century – so what is going on here.

Commander in charge says the air strike on the hospital was sought by the Afghanis.

Good news on global poverty.

GAO: Safety Net Programs Account for billions in improper payments.  Medicare, Medicaid, and Earned Income Tax Credit are the biggest offenders.  No surprise there.

Death Drinks Tea at the White House

Chilean Personal Retirement Accounts Work.

This is rather interesting, What the people in 1900 thought the world would look like in 2000.

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