Links and Comments, Wed. Oct. 6, 2015

Corruption at the United Nations?  Oh, surely not. Well, maybe so; read this.

Why the Iran War Ensures War, by Victor Davis Hanson, a man who has studied many wars and what led to those wars.  Read what he wrote yesterday about Obama.  Or if you just want to browse his site here.

Judge rules all the abortion expose videos must be given to Congress to view.

Feds cave, remove sustainability from dietary guidelines.  Baby steps.

I’ve been buying only whole milk for many years now, but the truth is I buy it by the quart and it usually last ten days. I don’t drink a lot of milk. I do eat bacon, butter and other natural fats. Now the governments says whole milk is probably better than low or non-fat milk for better health.

Why do Democrats think they can get by with everything.  This one slapped/scratched a reporter and was later arrested for assault.  Don’t they know this would be on video.

And on that note, another server backing up Hillary’s emails has been found.

Anyone for new JFK assassination news?

I know a lot of us having been calling our president Baghdad Bob lately, and with good reason.

The Real Story Behind Putin and Netanyahu’s Moscow Meeting – Updated.

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