Links and Comments, Thurs., Oct. 8, 2015

A new test can predict or indicate a heart attack, and it doesn’t take long to do it.

Ready or Not, here they come.  Texas is scheduled to receive the greatest share of those released prisoners.  The 578 inmates who will return to Texas will come from federal prisons in the state and other facilities across the country.   Read the article for a chart of how many are going to each state.

Who makes more Federal or private employees?  Does this article really answer that question? Of course, the Federal Employees union disputes the findings.

Well, of course he is,  Obama is combining the trip to Oregon with  fundraising swing.  Who could have predicted this?  Just about anyone. I’m sure the trips were planned and he was told he couldn’t dare do them without a visit to the victim’s survivors.

This is such a sad story I hate to use it, but it really shows that if someone wants to kill they do not need a gun.

Bookworm Room on abortion vs gun deaths  First they came for the fetuses, and I said nothing because I was no longer a fetus….

This is another of those articles reinforcing what we all feel.  Obama is a Cultural Muslim, and in my own opinion his only God is himself. And I agree he hates The United States of America.

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