Links and Comments, Fri., Oct. 9, 2015

Is the DHS behind McCarthy’s unexpected exit, or is it just politics as usual?  We know the Secret Service was all but blackmailing one elected official, how many are they reading reports on?

A Federal judge has refused to combine all the Clinton email lawsuits.

David Ignatius on What Obama should do.  He doesn’t seem to realize all is proceeding according to plan. That is Obama’s plan for America; and the Mighty O didn’t have a clue the US needed to be strong to contain the raging that is ISIS or Russia.  He still doesn’t know what he has done even though Putin stood up in the United Nations and said look what you have done.

Thousand set to protest Obama in Roseburg today.

Some of Those 6000 prisoners to be released could be a real danger to society.  And Will Be.

From a friend: the horrific reality of the Muslim migrants in Germany.  And don’t be surprised, they will be coming here in the same conditions.

Ted Cruz raised twice as much as Rubio in the third quarter – $12.2 million.

The Iran Deal violates federal law.

Have you noticed the Republicans are like a dysfunctional family?  The Democrats are, too.  They all seem to be suffering Stockholm syndrome and don’t want to leave their captives.

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