Links and comments, Sat. Oct. 10, 2015

If I had seen this before I sent the links yesterday I would have attached  it to my comment on the dysfunctional Republicans and Democrats.  This man says it with many more words but with more meaning that I did.  It is long, but worth reading.

One Charity has caught on to the scam that is the refugee crisis.

Chalk up another win against the EPA from the US Court of Appeals 6th Circuit. It is only a stay but at this point that is a win. The court also noted that (as discussed here), the rule has already been stayed in 13 states. A nationwide stay serves the additional purpose of maintaining nationwide uniformity while the litigation proceeds.

Relax, this is exactly how Congress Should Work.

The Nation, not a right wing media, says Boehner and McCarthy deserve what they get because they caved to the right wing.  I don’t think so.

A Black Patriot Honors his American Dad  The first paragraph describes how many of us feel.  The Bible promises, “Let us not grow weary in well doing, for in due time we will reap a harvest.” Folks, I don’t know about you, but I do grow weary. More pundits are acknowledging that Obama is the worst, most evil, and radical leftist president in U.S. history. My frustration is no one is stopping him from behaving like a lawless banana republic ruler, transforming our once great nation and corrupting the thinking of our youth. God’s promise of reaping a harvest keeps me strong in the battle for the heart and soul of my country.

The New York Time has recognized something incoherent about Obama’s strategy.  Finally they got a clue.

SEIU Hemorrhages after Supreme Court Decision.  No surprises there, it is why the unions fight so hard to be required.

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