Links and Comments, Oct.11, 2015

Restarting the Engine –  That is the engine of state, our United States, it having been run too long without competent leadership.  Some of the major news media seem to have noticed what has happened.  Washington seems unable to do anything at present. The Republican inability to lead an impeachment is matched by the impotence of the president and his party actually get anything done. Obama’s failures have not only created a crisis abroad, they have created a crisis at home in the form of political paralysis. [….]It’s possible events have taken the world beyond anybody’s control, with bad actors still rushing into the fray expecting restraint only to find none and in their surprise becoming engaged beyond their limit. What is certain is a growing number of observers are slowly becoming aware of the rising wind, growing in fury all the time. Ferguson still thinks the system can ride it out.  He says if “this president has sown the wind. His successor will reap the whirlwind.” But the necessary question is “how big is this whirlwind”? Otherwise the successor will be in for it.  Read it all, it is Richard Fernandez at his best.

Fifth Obamacare Insurance Co-op This Year Shuts Down–  I didn’t write that headline, I would have written Fifth Obamacare Insurance Co-op shuts down this year.

Apparently many people in the different sciences were never exposed to the little book “How to Lie with Statistics.” For some it is almost a Bible, they are the ones who know the most about statistics.  Many so called scientists do not.

You will enjoy Bill Whittle’s Afterburner, It’s the Steel.

Today’s Good News Story – George W. Bush Doesn’t Give Up on Wounded Warriors.

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  1. “commander in chief’s strategy, ‘we had to infer it from speeches.’ ”

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